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Travel to Kalimpong to meet the children and see DGH’s work in action

Many of our sponsors and correspondents develop lifelong bonds with their sponsored children. In fact they sometimes want to know if it’s possible to visit the Homes and meet them in person. The answer to that is, yes, it’s often possible to arrange this – and it can be a great joy for everyone involved.

Of course, visiting the Homes won’t be practical for all sponsors. Indeed it isn’t always feasible for every child. But where the opportunity and the will exist, it can be a fantastic encouragement to the children – and a very personal way to build your connection with the work of the Homes.

If you are a DGHUK sponsor or correspondent, you can find out more about how we facilitate such visits to the Homes in our Guidance for Visitors to Dr Graham's Homes document.

If you are not a DGHUK sponsor or correspondent, but would like to visit the Homes for other, perhaps historical, reasons that would not involve direct interaction with specific children, you can contact the school principal direct to make the arrangements. His contact details are also in the guidance document linked above.