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Help a child leaving the Homes to continue their learning by providing for their further education, welfare and accommodation.

Many of our sponsored children go on to college or training in other parts of India when they leave the Homes. You can support these students’ further education through our Extended Sponsorship programme. This is a great way to build on the legacy of their schooling; it ensures they make the best possible start to life beyond the Homes, and are not just launched into the uncertain world of work at the age of 18.

Many of our students have successfully trained for careers in nursing, teaching and the airline and hospitality industries. Others aspire to gain employment in much sought-after jobs within the Indian civil service. We also often support those who wish to go on to complete postgraduate studies in their chosen field.

These achievements are all possible because of your generosity.

Our extended sponsorship scheme

You may be considering sponsorship for the first time with DGHUK, or you may be an existing sponsor who is choosing to continue supporting your child as they become a student and enter the wider world of further education.

Many of our supporters sponsor a student on their own. Others like to team up with a group - at work, church, or school, for example. However little or much you can afford, your support means the world to us. With your help, we really can continue to change lives.

The scheme is very personal. As a sponsor, you will be linked to an individual student. We encourage you to correspond directly with your student to keep up to date with their studies and their life after school. Oversight is provided by the DGHUK Sponsorship Secretaries, with occasional additional support from the Dr Graham’s Homes Board of Management (BOM). The DGHUK Sponsorship Secretaries maintain frequent and regular contact with all the students throughout their college life.

The cost of an Extended Sponsorship varies depending on where the young person plans to study and whether they will be living at home, in a hostel or in student accommodation. As a guide, £2,400 per year covers most student sponsorships. But the truth is that anything you can offer towards supporting our students, however little, will make an amazing difference.

  • it can cost up to £2,400 per year (or £200 per month) to provide for a student's education, welfare and accommodation for a whole year
  • if Gift Aid is added, that amount is reduced to £1,920 per year (or £160 per month)
  • payments, however large or small, can be made monthly, quarterly or annually
  • you can offer a full or part-sponsorship (DGHUK will make up the difference, or link you with another sponsor)
  • there's no fixed term – sponsor for as long as you’re able

What will my sponsorship money provide?

Tuition fees – a full-time education at college or other training establishments, preparing students for their chosen careers.

Food and accommodation – some students live at home during their college courses, but others need to live in hostels or paying guest accommodation (PGs).

Travel and living allowance – Weekly travel money is provided, together with a living allowance.

Gifts - we also send a gift of money at Christmas and for their birthday.