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Show your love and support for the children by writing regular letters to them

Not able to offer financial help? You can still support children at the Homes by becoming a DGH Correspondent. Writing regular letters via email is a wonderful way to support our children at the school and show them they are loved and cared for. You can start a correspondence with one child or several. Or, you might like to arrange for a group of friends to write regular letters and messages. Whatever time you can spare will be a huge encouragement to our young people.

What does being a DGHUK Correspondent involve?

Emails are mostly being used at the moment for correspondence between supporters and children. If an email is written by the sponsor or correspondent, it is sent to the Sponsorship Secretaries in the UK. They read the letter, then convert it to a PDF, ensuring that the sponsor / correspondent’s contact details are removed. This is then emailed to the Sponsorship Officer at the Homes, who prints the PDF out for the pupil and encourages a reply via the Sponsorship Secretary in the UK. This method of correspondence is used in order to safeguard both the children and sponsors.

You can find more details on this in the DGH Joint Safeguarding and Protecting People Policy (2020) - Appendix D.