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It's back!!

If you’re a regular DGHUK supporter, you’ll know all about The Great DGH British Tea Party. In 2021 it was one of the highlights of our charity calendar and came right in the middle of the Covid pandemic. It is back with a difference. This time we hope it will be a special month-long festival of events and activities, both here and abroad, all dedicated to helping our children at Dr Graham’s Homes in Kalimpong, India.

What’s the main aim of the ‘Tea Party’?

It has three key purposes: 1 - To unite the DGHUK family, wherever they are in the world. Each week for a month, we’ll be holding an online Tea Party via Zoom, attended (hopefully) by supporters from all over the UK and further afield. It’s a chance to gather together with other supporters and to hear inspiring stories about DGH. 2 - To spread the word about Dr Graham’s Homes, and to encourage others to get involved in supporting children there. 3 - To raise as much money as we can to give the sponsored children at Dr Graham’s Homes a Future and a Hope. Our 2021 Tea Party raised an incredible £46,000. However, whatever we can achieve together this time will be wonderful, as it will help us meet the ever increasing costs of supporting our children and their education at Dr Graham’s Homes.

When is it happening?

Throughout February 2024.

How can you take part?

There are several ways you can get involved:

Run a Tea Party, a Coffee Morning... or even a 'Chai Party' - organise a party of your own, invite friends along to hear more about Dr Graham’s Homes (if you would like us to send you some leaflets please let us know). For a Chai recipe, CLICK HERE.

Join the weekly Zoom party - dates to be announced nearer the time

Hold a fundraising or sponsored event - we would love you to be as creative as you can to raise money for our children - you had lots of great ideas last time! You may also find this article helpful: How to create your own DGH fundraiser

Make a donation - donate now to support the Tea Party. You can do that quickly and easily on our Donate page, or by cheque or bank transfer (see below)

Above all, we want to thank you...

...for all your faithful and generous support over the years. The last Great DGH British Tea Party was a huge success. Please help us make this one successful too.

How to send any money you raise to DGHUK

Donate online

Visit the Donate page on our website and fill in the simple form

Prefer to send a cheque or make a bank transfer?

Please make your cheque payable to "Dr Graham’s Homes Kalimpong (UK)" and write "Tea Party" on the back, then send it to the DGHUK Sponsorship Secretaries . When making bank transfers, please use the reference "Tea Party". If you don’t have our address or bank details, please request them through our Contact page.