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The UK Committee is a charity based and registered in Scotland (SC 016341). In 1989, The London Committee merged with the long established Scottish Committee to become known as The UK Committee.

The Trustees are mainly volunteers from the UK, comprising of well wishers, former Homes teachers and pupils, child sponsors and a mix of professional and experienced business personnel. The Committee aims to raise over £230,000 each year through fundraising events and sponsorships and is extremely grateful for donations received from Well-wishers, Trust Funds, Legacies, Churches, Schools and Sponsorship.

While the focus of the Commitee centres around the well being of the children through sponsorships, the Committee in recent years has financed some major restoration projects at the school, including the Katherine Graham Memorial Chapel, the Swimming Pool, the Steel Memorial Clinic and the Lucia King Nursery as well as upgrading Cottages and roads and the refurbishment of some classroom.

badgeDr. Graham's Homes School, Kalimpong, India.

Dr. Graham's Homes was founded in 1900 by the very Reverend Dr. John Anderson Graham, a Church of Scotland missionary, who settled in Kalimpong and worked with the local community for several years during the early part of the 20th century. His original concept was to establish a refuge for poor and needy Anglo-Indian children, who had no other means of support. Daddy

In 1900, this now, beautiful estate, overlooked by the mighty Mt. Kanchenjunga, was little more than a barren hill side, when Graham of Kalimpong took into his care six small children. It was from this humble beginning that Dr. Graham embarked on the project of constructing and developing the institution we now know as Dr. Graham's Homes. There were several benefactors who financially supported Graham in the development of the Homes and, following his death in 1942, his 'right hand' man Mr. James Purdie, provided continuity and stabilty for many more years. When he established the Homes, it is doubtful that he could have ever imagined what the institution would be like in the 21st century.

Today, Dr. Graham's Homes is a modern boarding Young congregationand day school that provides quality education to over 1400 students. The School caters to children from Nursery to Class Xll and is affiliated to the Council for the Indian School Certificate Examination. It is also a member of the Anglo-Indian Schools Association. Information about the work the school does for deprived children can be found in their website.

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Did You Know?

- The late Norman D Hutchinson, a British Royal painter (noted for his 1988 painting of Queen Elizabeth II) & the current and former Prime Ministers of Bhutan, Tshering Tobgay & Jigmye Thinley, were ex students of Dr. Graham's Homes, Kalimpong.

- The school was originally called St. Andrew's Colonial Homes. In 1947, the school was renamed Dr. Graham's Homes in honour of its late founder, Dr. John Anderson Graham and in recognition of the birth of an independent India.

- The first Homes Headmaster, a Mr. J Simpson, was appointed in 1903. He is the grandfather of our current UK Committee Chairman and Sponsor Sec., Mr. James Simpson!